Introducing Autism and Us!

This is a dedicated gateway to all things autistic.



The focus of this digital community is on providing an outlet for autistic people, their family and carers, in order to create positive effects for individuals' mental health.

It is here for people to express and indulge their 'special interests' or particular passions. This could be a creative interest, a facination, an activity, or being in certain places or environments.

It is an interactive system that welcomes appropriate digital content to be added by contributors, including photography, documents, links, extended blogs or articles and more.

* Members can be individual autistics or their parents or carers. 

* Members can also be professionals or organisations providing support for the autistic community.

* Members can have access to their own dedicated project on the system that can be puplically accesseable or access managed and limitited.

* Members can contribute digital content and offer it up for publication on this or other communities.

* Members can interact with others on the system in a messaging service that can be private or contact managed.

The system can be used for the provision of appropriate, positive and useful advice and guidance through posts and blog articles.

Project dates

09 Feb 2024 - On-going


Health & wellbeing, Art; Culture & creativity, Care for the vulnerable
Voice for the young, Education, People & community


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Jonathan Bostock

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